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The Jefferson Inn

… is pleased to announce J Rewards, our new initiative designed to reward our loyal hotel guests. We recognize the value of repeat business, and we believe our J Rewards program takes the hotel industry’s reward concept to a new level. While most hotels give points to regular customers that can eventually be redeemed for future stays within that hotel chain (subject to various restrictions), J Rewards gives our loyal clientele what they want most…. CASH. Here’s how it works:

Once you have signed up for J Rewards, just remind us that you are a J Rewards member when you make your reservation, or when you check in. We will keep track of your stays. For every night you stay at The Jefferson Inn, you earn one point. Once you earn five points, we simply give you a $75 Visa Gift Card. And while we would love for you to use your J Rewards to return for another visit with us at The Jefferson Inn, your Visa Gift Card can be used for anything you like… just like cash!

So let’s get started. Just call us at 910-692-9911 or click on “Contact”! Simply email us with “J Rewards” in the subject line and we will take care of the rest!

The fine print:
–  Points expire a full year after the date they are earned (so you’ll have plenty of time to total up five points)!
–  If you are part of an organization or work for a business that already enjoys discounted room rates, you may either continue to take advantage of that arrangement, or switch to the J Rewards program – just let us know.

Jefferson Inn Rewards Program

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